Power 2 the Hill

Since 2017, our passionate, energetic and creative team of volunteers has been tenaciously focused on building knowledge and understanding about what it takes to increase the power and influence of the Allison Hill community while combating voter disengagement and cynicism.

Voting rights are the most basic tenet of our democracy and the bare minimum one should expect from the government

~ Stacey Abrams

Our Vision & Mission

Power to the Hill is an all-volunteer, non-partisan outreach program of Gather the Spirit for Justice (GTSFJ), a widely known and well-regarded contributor to the overall well-being of the Allison Hill community. Led by residents across Allison Hill and supported by allies from the greater Harrisburg area, Power to the Hill advocates for voter engagement and active citizenship that directly translates to collective community action.

Vision Statement

Power to the Hill’s sustained community action will result in an increasingly vibrant, safer, cleaner, prouder, and more influential community and will be a catalyst for ongoing change and improvement in Allison Hill.

Mission Statement

We encourage and sustain expanded voter engagement, more active citizenship, and community action through voter education, voter registration, and engagement among neighbors and local businesses. We are here to make voting, either by mail or in person, easier and more rewarding for all our neighbors.

Our Goals

  • Increase Voter Turnout by 5% in the 9th Ward, Precincts 1, 2, 3 over previous Mid-term Elections.
  • Develop targeted precinct messages by consulting with leaders across the neighborhood.
  • Identify community mobilizers (aka Block Leaders) in the Allison Hill Community who will marshal family & friends, through personal conversations and messaging to vote in the months and weeks leading up to the November Election.
  • Hold at least 1 Voter Engagement Day each month that includes door knocking and tabling.
  • Build & grow our relationships with churches, civic associations and businesses and offer voter education programs.
  • Build ongoing relationships with voters via phone calls and texts, using the talents of our amazing virtual canvassing team.
  • Sponsor house/porch parties to meet small groups of voters for conversation.
  • Participate in church sponsored tabling events as well as all community events.
  • Conduct in person voter registration at Harrisburg High School.
  • Collaborate w/ strategic (like-minded) partners such as 1VoteCounts, Black Wall, New PA Project.
  • Have an all day presence at polling places in Precinct 1,2,3
  • Host (Co-host) a Juneteenth celebration and our second annual Voter Engagement Celebration.

Get Involved

Your generous donations of time, talent, and treasure will strengthen and expand our voter engagement work in the Allison Hill Community. It also supports a healthy democracy in our state and our country.


Every gift–no matter the amount–makes a difference and will help further our mission and goals. With your support, we can make a difference in our neighbors’ lives and directly impact the overall quality of life in the Allison Hill Community.


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